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Originally Posted by Kamal007 View Post
Leaf fans have no problem with any of that. Lebda has been more shielded than Franson and has failed harder. As long as he's an upgrade over Lebda and can provide some offensive support to our 2nd pp unit, we will be happy with him. He might even sit in the press box, if Komi can find his game. I don't know what RogerRoeper is getting his panties in a not over.

If anyone expects him to play top 4 minutes in Toronto, they are kidding themselves. For one, we have Schenn and Phanuef on the right side for the long haul.
Then it will work out. I have no doubt that Franson is a better player than Lebda. No one disputes that. I have seen some--not all--Leafs fans that have some unrealistic expectations for Franson, and when any Nashville fan tries to give a true scouting report, we get accused of being "bitter.". See roeper, roger. The fact of the matter is this: Franson has an unreal snapshot, a pretty good first pass, and generally makes good choices when in position. That's the good. The bad is that he has the same slow, lumbering stride as Hal Gill, and also has a tendency to pinch at bad times. If he's not on the ice with both a quick, defensive minded d-man and a fast center, the opposition is assured of an odd man rush if he's out simply by chipping up the boards. Ultimately, he does more good than bad--it's why he's in the NHL--but Nashville did shelter him. Cody himself complains that he didn't get to pal more ES or PK minutes-- it's because he can be, CAN be a liability. His best usage is as a third pair ES guy, and as the triggerman on the second PP unit. His passing is pretty good, but his vision and creativity aren't great enough to play first pair PP, and he's not what you'd typically call a PP "quarterback"

Also, and this has been beaten into the ground-- he leaves you wanting more in terms of physicality. He will occasionally show you the type of hit he is capable of, but not nearly enough. That's a bit of a double edged sword, though. You want him to hit more, but you have to be absolutely certain that it's the right thing to do and the right time, because if it isn't, he's out of position wit little hope of getting back.

But anyway, this thread has gotten sidetracked. Lebda sucks, Preds fans know it and Poiles lack of recognition that he's even our property pretty much told us that he wasn't in the plans. As was mentioned, the unspoken asset that Nashville got back was money. Theyve expressed desire to add another top six fwd to the mix. Even if Lombardi comes back, he's basically a lesser version of Legwand and Fisher, so the Preds could use the money on someone tha fits the offensive need better, likel via trade. Franson is a nice young player, but the presence and NHL-readiness of prospects like Roman Josi, Mattias Ekholm, and Ryan Ellis--as well as the emergence of Jon Blum--ultimately made such a move possible and not all that painful.

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