Thread: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sidney Crosby!!!
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08-07-2011, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by SEALBound View Post
I remember that day of the draft lottery...came home from work and got online...headlines everywhere plastered with "Penguins win chance to draft Crosby"

I screamed and ran around the house like a 7 year old that got legos for christmas.

6 years later...I still do that...except with a beer in my hand.

Happy birthday Sid!
I watched it live. I was so sure we were going to get screwed (worst team in the league the year before the strike and still obviously were at or near the bottom), and as the envelopes kept being opened, and no Pens' symbol, started to hope. When we were in the last couple, I almost could not breathe during the whole commercial break. When they opened the envelope showing it was us, I can not remember ever reacting to anything like I did to that. I am not at all ashamed to admit that I started jumping around and screaming like a little girl. I knew what it meant for this team, and how much more important than even a cup was.

If you want some fun, and have some time, go look back at the Rags and Flyer boards during that draft lottery and just before, and you will get some clue why they became as they are about him. The school girl gushing about him before they found out he went to us did a complete 180 degree turn once those balls fell as they did and it has been a lot of the same ever since.

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