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08-07-2011, 10:30 AM
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Other than football, which is pretty much universally loved across the entire continent, sports in Europe is best looked at on a regional rather than national level.

For instance, if you look at a country like Italy, hockey is not popular at all on a national scale, but regionally in some parts of the country like in Bolzano, it is arguably the second most popular team sport after football. It is the same way with basketball, rugby and volleyball, on a national scale the interest is so-so, but there are many regional areas of very strong support. It works the same way in most other European countries, football is almost always the top sport, but there are regional hot-spots where other sports can at least challenge for the top spot.

As for this discussion about handball, it isn't anywhere close to being as popular as hockey in Sweden, in fact it is a sport experiencing a strong decline in popularity and has arguably been overtaken by floorball at this point.
The national team used to be quite popular when they were winning things, but on a club level there has never been much interest, not even here in Gothenburg where the historically most successful handball team in the country plays.

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