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Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
Yes gauthier purposely pass up a prospect that can help us, because that's what the Canadiens GM does every year.

Name one player that was drafted under Gauthier's watch that even resembles Smith-Pelly.

A week or so ago the singer for The Blushing Brides was on team 990 and he had something very interesting to say. As a 16 year old he played hockey and although he loved the Habs he was crazy about Bobby Clarke and tried to emulate his style of play. You know who his coach was? Pierre Gauthier. and Pierre hated his style of play. The singer - I forget his name - did say that Pierre was an elegant hockey player but he added that he despised the Bobby Clarke's of the world. And hated the way he played. Actually, in one game the singer got into a fight trying to protect the team, after the fight Pierre told him take your stick and go home.

I see Gauthier making half-assed efforts like getting a Berger (or a burger) who'll probably resemble Kilger more than he'll resemble Smith-Pelly but I don't see Gauthier making any effort to get that kind of player.

Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post

Btw, he's only 5'11" too. I'm guessing you'd blame Gauthier for not picking someone bigger who'll probably end up in the bottom 6.
You, my friend, have a reading problem. Where did I mention size in my post? I said grit and fire in his belly.

As for your ridiculous comment about it being a scrimmage, it was a scrimmage for everyone else.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, unless he's injured, he's gonna make the team and be one of the stars.

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