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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
What did I say that wasnt true?

WAR is a very odd stat and it certainly isnt a telling stat. Melvin Mora had a higher WAR than A-Rod in 2004 -- does that mean he was better than A-Rod?
Where are you getting your WAR stats from? Fan Graphs has Rodriguez's 2004 WAR as 6.8, Mora's as 6.2. Baseball-Reference has them at 6.2 and 5.4, respectively.

Youkilis has a higher WAR than Miggy, but Miggy is crushing Youk in almost every major offensive category, with an OPS+ almost 40 points higher.
WAR considers both offensive and defensive contributions. Youkilis is a plus defensive player, which improves his WAR, whereas Cabrera is horrid defensively. If you look at oWAR, which excludes defense, then Cabrera is at 5.0 and Youkilis is at 3.9.

Here some more facts:

Cano -- .330 BA/.980 OPS with RISP
Cano -- .313 BA/.957 OPS with RISP and 2 outs

Pedroia -- .307 BA/.873 OPS with RISP
Pedroia -- .273 Ba/.787 OPS with RISP and 2 outs

But yeah, knocking in runs is a really useless stat LOL
RBI, by itself, is a relatively unimportant statistic. When you provide additional perspective, such as the statistics you provided, then yes it has meaning. RBI is so completely dependent on position in lineup, the offensive capabilities of the rest of the team, park factors, and so on. I'm fairly certain that's what Zil was alluding to. Using RBI by itself is like gauging which pitcher is better based solely on wins.


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