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08-07-2011, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
i really can't understand these ratings. I also picked ranford and have since the # 4 spot. i think sestito, read and holmstrom should be at around 8-10 on the list. the fact that holmstrom is above ranford, cousins and even akeson is mind boggling. just cause he could be in the nhl earlier doesn't mean hes a better prospect. say couturier doesn't make the team for another two years and holmstrom makes the team this year that in no way means holmstrom is the better prospect. i don't think anybody voted holmstrom over couturier in the 2nd spot but the same logic still applies to the lower spots. i don't know, thats just my opinion.
Akeson, Randford, and Cousins aren't exactly blue chip prospects. Sestito has potential and is closer to the NHL. Akeson, Ranford, and Cousins may have potential, but I don't think you sit there and say they will 100% be in the NHL one day. Akeson tore up the OHL last year but isn't he like 21? That's not really all that impressive. Same thing with Ranford, he didn't do quite as well as Akeson but he is also much older than most of the guys he's playing against. Cousins is a third rounder who is not very big and wasn't exactly a dominant force in the OHL. Not saying none of these guys will aount to anything, but Sestito has been a solid AHL player over the last few years and is poised to have a shot at the big club this year. Just because a guy scored a boatload of goals playing against kids (see: Ranford, Akeson) doesn't mean he is going to be anything special in the NHL. I hope they do, but I'd say Sestito has a better shot at being an NHL regular at this point.

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