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10-22-2003, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by ax˛+bx+c
-Theodore and Ribeiro are best friends
-Theodore's career is marketed by Guy Cloutier
-Guy Cloutier is a personal friend of Bergeron, Rinfret, Pedneult, Villeneuve and many many other journalists
-Those journalists are aware that Jose earns a little bit too much
-Those journalists are also affraid that the management will have to choose between Koivu and Theodore when they will renogeciate their contract (their contract both ends in two years)
-Those journalists consider "Theo" like their own children
-Those journalists have the power to give Theodore a lot but I mean A LOT of publicity
-Read the first line
-Understand how Ribeiro will get all the publicity and how Koivu will get bashed

On a deeper analyst. There's two group in the locker room. There's the Koivu/Rivet cliq and the Ribeiro/Theodore cliq. The Koivu/Rivet cliq hates the Ribeiro/Theodore cliq as much as I hate watching reality shows (and god I hate those!). All in all, they (Koivu, Rivet and cie) thinks that Theodore and Ribeiro are not sane in the locker room because they don't keep what's said in the locker room secret. They're telling everything to journalists (their friends eh!). Saku and Craig are not close friends to journalists because they want to keep the locker room sane and like it's everywhere in the NHL. But Theodore is a little bit rejected in this locker room, so he tells everything to his friends the medias. That's why Saku is hated and Theodore absolutly admired by the medias.

That's why Theodore and the media should burn in hell (but it doesn't exist so they shouldn't care much).
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