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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
If by overwhelming you mean attending so many games, I agree... a full season plus a decent postseason, in all sorts of weather and other conditions is a lot... especially when there are tightly pact home-stands causing a few games in a single week. Half a season+ selected in a well spread fashion is great for my son and myself... with the other games watched at home, and an occasional roadie.

If by overwhelming you mean cost-wise... I also agree.

Back in the days when Cable was scarce and home games were rare on TV... and ticket prices were cheap, as well as all the associated costs -- like parking on the street down and quarter bridges and sub-buck gallons of gas -- full season ticket attendance was more manageable... although it was still a lot of nights out of the house. That was many many years ago, as I assume you can guess. haha
The most overwhelming is the traveling to and from the city from Pottstown for the 25 or so games that are during the weekdays. Weekends I use it to visit my friends in the city. It also becomes extra rough after you pay for playoff tickets and there are still 10-15 regular season games left. It's like we get it, I just want playoff hockey, not home games 30-41.

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