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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
Honestly man, the full body of the bear is not official or anything, I think one of our fans just created them a few years back & I saved the pictures.

i dont think that you'll ever see the full bear on anything thats officially merchandised. You're actually correct, the logo, aka head of the animal is meant to be left for debate, as far as I know at least..

I think its supposed to be up to your own interpertation of if its a large cat, wolf or bears head... It was never officially said what the animal is suspposed to be...

I just most often credit it as a bears head just beacause of the above images I posted. Now that Ive seen it with the body its just easiest to picture as a bear BUT if someone were to try a wolf or large cats body & it looked even more convincing then I'd probably start thinking of it as that instead.. I just threw those up for fun because I figured most people would have never seen them...
I kinda figured that becuase i'v never seen the whole thing on any wild gear before but whoever did that up made it look pretty legit lol. Its a cool concept though having the scene make up the bear/wolf/cats head whatever it may be.

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