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08-07-2011, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by MattKOTW View Post
No. Teams who put on shows for the camera suck. It takes focus off of the hockey.
A lot of it isn't show though. I mean obviously they talk to players and coaches on the side, but it isn't that much of a distraction. The guys are at the rink on practice/game days. It just follows them around and some players take 10-20 minutes a week to talk about a few things on camera. I don't see the issue.

Originally Posted by RBR View Post
It would be a huge distraction, especially in Montreal. Can you imagine the threads that will pop up? "Price didn't smile when looking at Markov. Locker room squabble!!!" or "(on a snowy day) Jacques Martin: is that white stuff on his jacket cocaine??!"
I can see that stuff happening, but it happens all the time. It's been quiet lately, but back when Subban was benched and was fighting at practice, they made a huge deal out of it. They'll make a story out of thin air. Plus, these documentaries are well-edited. Anything that is unnecessary rumour-fodder would be edited out. I just think it would be entertaining from a hardcore fan's standpoint and hilarious watching Subban and Gill joke around. Plus we can get to see Gauthier, Martin and their staff behind closed Bell Centre doors.

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