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1) How do teams & fans around the league view us? are we just a cheesy expansion team thats considered filler on your schedule or do you guys look forward to playing us?

Filler. "Cheesy" and "expansion" don't enter into the equation. It's a middling hockey team without an identity.

2) Do we get a little extra respect over most other new expansion teams from around the league for being a team from an American hockey mecca & for most people knowing that we shouldnt have lost the N'stars in the first place & for having great fans? or are people indifferent to that?

I'll point out that the North Stars suffered from awful attendance for years before moving. In the modern era, where owners are largely diversified in other holdings and have mountains of money to fall back on, it's not as bad. But when there wasn't the same amount of money in the older days, a couple of down seasons could hammer the owner's bottom line into oblivion.

What's been interesting is that the North Stars of 1988-93 had much more of an identity than the Wild ever have, but this team has been much more supported with butts in the seats and gear being bought and seen.

3) I was surprised to see the Wild get voted as having the best logo recently (not counting the O6 teams) do most people see us as having generally good uni's too or is the concensus that we need to drop the red?

Keep green, keep red. There's nothing worse than homogenization. The Devils were criticized for years for their red/green look, and yet every time it comes up, a bunch of people who weren't alive when they were worn originally talk about how awesome it looks.

4) Has bringing in Fletcher and all the recent moves he's making give the impression that the Wild are finally on the right track & that we're starting to command a little respectability or are we still just viewed as kind of a bottom/middle dweller?

Minnesota is in need of a complete build. Not a rebuild, since the initial build was never properly done in the first place. Their drafting was largely feeble for a lot of years, and with the exception of Gaborik (gone), Burns (gone), and Koivu (still there), there hasn't been much. Hell, how many chances did James Sheppard get? Josh Harding?

5) Have people finally gotten past the stigma that were a Lemaire trapping , defense only team? Or are we still considered "boring" to people?

It's boring because the talent is thin, not because of an image or stigma.

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I have a tremendous amount of bitterness towards Minnesota. Not because of the team itself, or the fans, or the players, or anything like that - it's because they get to be the favored child while the rest of us recent expansion fans get constantly dumped on.

Never mind that pro hockey had been in the state of Ohio for years beforehand. Never mind that the Barons had left about twenty+ years earlier. Never mind that we were screwed over by the WHA days. Nooo, the Blue Jackets are a "southern" team that doesn't deserve hockey, while Minnesota is all right and proper and gets all the deference and respect in the world.

**** you all and the silver spoons you rode in with.
Not even close to 6 AM, and I already need a change of underwear. Thanks for summing up the frustrated side of all native Ohioans.

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