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08-08-2011, 12:07 AM
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I would absolutley love to see a Single A franchise assosiated with the Blue Jays. Would strengthen the Canadian baseball community even more around the Jays and frankly, Single A baseball is a high level of ball where you see quite a few blue chip prospects with MLB potential. Also with only a three month schedule it will keep Ottawa citizens intrested, bring a decent size tourist attraction for those 100 miles outside of Ottawa, the closest team to Ottawa is Washington AAA affiliate Syracuse. Also will give multiple cash injections annually into Ottawa with new jobs and new Ottawa residents for three months( the players).

Any news on what Ottawa council has decided with the arena? I have trouble finding information since the article from the Citizen listed above was written in April. I really hope they don't take down the stadium/ extend the stadium contract until we get a single A ball team

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