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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
Take the money and Run.

Did anybody watch this show? What a waste of my time. That is a hour I will never get back. I can't believe the kid confessed to fake pressure and told them exactly where the case was.

This show needs to be canceled, I mean seriously, that was one of the most painful things I ever sat through.
48 hours in jail is rough, plays with your mind. Psych 101 man. I know you're supremely confident you'd do better.

Originally Posted by whitespy View Post
Hopefully I'm posting this in the proper thread, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me, first off, what bracelet all the athletes are wearing? For example, you can see Cole wearing one in the new ask a Hab video:|MTL|home

I'd like to find out, so that I can see what it's all about.

Thanks peeps
I have one, it's called a PowerBalance bracelet. I got it as a present from my cousin in the Philippines (there's a good chance mine is fake )

Sadly enough don't waste your money on it, it's a scam

I will say though, I reached my goal of 200+lb squats wearing the bracelet.
i had to stop wearing mine because the plastic over the holograms were coming off and I've procrastinated superglueing them back on.

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