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08-08-2011, 01:14 AM
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1) How do teams & fans around the league view us? are we just a cheesy expansion team thats considered filler on your schedule or do you guys look forward to playing us?

The only teams I see as filler are those that are pretty much ignored in their own cities. Florida, Phoenix, Atlanta, basically. Which isn't to say I don't respect the fans, but the franchises are wasted for me.

2) Do we get a little extra respect over most other new expansion teams from around the league for being a team from an American hockey mecca & for most people knowing that we shouldnt have lost the N'stars in the first place & for having great fans? or are people indifferent to that?

Over those that are pretty much irrelevant in their markets, yes. Nashville is embracing their team just as you guys are so there's equal respect from me.

And yeah, you shouldn't have lost the North Stars. Sucks that you have to wait for the Wild to develop a history again.

3) I was surprised to see the Wild get voted as having the best logo recently (not counting the O6 teams) do most people see us as having generally good uni's too or is the concensus that we need to drop the red?

Good logo, and I like both the home & thirds, though I'm not so much a fan of the aways (and previous homes of a similar style). I like the fact you have colours that are something different & use colours that allude to the North Stars, too.

But yeah the name blows hard.

4) Has bringing in Fletcher and all the recent moves he's making give the impression that the Wild are finally on the right track & that we're starting to command a little respectability or are we still just viewed as kind of a bottom/middle dweller?

5) Have people finally gotten past the stigma that were a Lemaire trapping , defense only team? Or are we still considered "boring" to people?

I have no issue with defensive systems etc, and while I haven't watched a lot of Wild hockey I wouldn't say it bores me. I do think the organisation has really struggled to find the right formula though. This offseason gives me hope for you guys - as much as Heatley is disliked, I like the fact that you're aggresively trying to find that right formula.

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