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08-08-2011, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by BluejacketNut View Post
Nationwide certainly isnt going to stick their neck out and suggest they'll cut more rent if there's even a hint of talk about casino money or public money. The city/state should be looking at this and saying 'there's zero chance in getting public/casino money', which should force Nationwide to make it work.
Like I said, game of chicken.

Hopefully the market blow up right now is temporary, because there's looking like shades of 08 out there, and regardless of our new shinny toys for the Jackets, disposable income may again be on the decline again
Well if this veers too political I'll delete it, but I think the latest muss WRT the markets is more a reflection of some realities of what economic recovery there has been, which is that folks' disposable income never really rebounded. This could still affect ticket purchases, however, in that folks holding out may join those who've already opted out.

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