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08-08-2011, 09:55 AM
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It's all political. Neither side it going to want to pony up everything. The CBJ is actually caught in the middle.

The Tea Party references need to go away. This stuff came out before the Tea Party (sin tax being shot down) and that's about limited federal government. If they are trying to weigh in, you have certain sections of it going beyond their original charter. State and local governments have to balance their budgets.

Now if we look over the City of Columbus (and Franklin County) we will find a lot of money that is needlessly spent on really idiotic stuff. My uncle is awesome, but his pension that he now collecting at 55 is more then I will ever see (retired teacher). A lot more. The casino money for stuff like roads and schools is a moronic discussion from politicians. They already raided... oops.. raised our taxes recently. Thanks to all the people that panicked and voted for the tax increase because the local politicians used FUD to say it was going to impact schools, police/fire, etc. They should be removed from office. But I'll sure they will get voted in again.

Point? I would like some of my tax money to be used for something I find of real value. Sure, I get my street plowed and pot holes fixed, as well as trash picked up. But I would like something beyond essential services. I probably pay more in taxes then entire city (residential) blocks. Certainly on the federal side. Find some money somewhere, so that we don't increase taxes (find some silly project to slay). Split the difference with Nationwide and be done with it. Become partners unless you want 15+ millionaires leaving. Otherwise I might sell my house and move to Plain City or something. Try and get my money then. Oh I know they won't care, someone else will be paying the property and local taxes.

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