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10-22-2003, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Breenger
When I think of "the biggest trade ever", I still have to think of the Gretzky -> LA trade. I can still remember being a kid and seeing all of the sad pale faced kids in my school weaping "our hero is a yankie!"

The Lindros trade was still pretty big, but not that big.
Totally agree. THE BIGGEST trade in hockey as far as widespread impact is concerned - a shock not only from a Canadian sports point of view, as Darz pointed out, but Gretzky in LA spawned a hockey revolution in LA which later spread throughout the US.
Originally Posted by Jozeph_Balej
i have to disagree , The trade between Quebec and Philly included 2 player who won the Hart trophy ( most valuable player ) after the trade .

Hextall was at the time a solid no1 goalie and Ricci was a 1st round pick with a great upside ( like if we were trading Higgins now ) . The Nordiques also recived 15 000 000 US .... at the time it was the average payroll of a team . ( like it was 30M today )
In terms of the transaction price and number of valuable players involved - you are correct. The Lindros trade was huge. But none of those players - not even the two Hart winners - have affected the game of hockey the way Gretzky did when he was traded to LA. None.

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