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08-08-2011, 11:12 AM
pete goegan
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
I understand your point. The "problem" with arena's is a national one. To ask Nationwide and the CBJ to be treated differently is to say they belong on a different competitive foothold as the rest of the country.
True, but if, as is being said, the root of the Jackets financial problems is the Arena lease, then I'd think the first step toward resolution would include a renegotiation between tenant and landlord. Especially when the current lease leaves the CBJ without revenue streams available to virtually all other teams and when Nationwide is so deeply entangled with the Arena District, as a whole. Self-interest would seem to point to an accommodation being made between the team and the company, but not if a way can be found for someone else to accept the burden of fixing things. Nationwide will happily allow the city to do that so that they may continue on their merry way. I have absolutely no objection to the city's involvement, but Nationwide must be a part of fixing things, as well. And, in my opinion, they should be first at the table with offers of relief, since they have benefitted greatly from development associated with the Arena and have much, if not most, to lose should the Jackets leave.

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