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08-08-2011, 02:12 PM
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1) How do teams & fans around the league view us? are we just a cheesy expansion team thats considered filler on your schedule or do you guys look forward to playing us?

You've had some stretches of mediocrity, but given that the franchise is only about a dozen years old and has been a competitive team at times, I don't take them lightly. They've had some exciting players over the years, and the addition of Heatley is a very compelling storyline to follow.

2) Do we get a little extra respect over most other new expansion teams from around the league for being a team from an American hockey mecca & for most people knowing that we shouldnt have lost the N'stars in the first place & for having great fans? or are people indifferent to that?

St. Paul has a rich hockey tradition and the fans are passionate. I've got nothing against the other expansion franchises but I hold Minny in high regard.

3) I was surprised to see the Wild get voted as having the best logo recently (not counting the O6 teams) do most people see us as having generally good uni's too or is the concensus that we need to drop the red?

I much prefer the alternate jersey to the current home jersey, but I think the scheme is a great one.

4) Has bringing in Fletcher and all the recent moves he's making give the impression that the Wild are finally on the right track & that we're starting to command a little respectability or are we still just viewed as kind of a bottom/middle dweller?

They've got perhaps the best top-six on paper they've had in their history, but I think the D is a question mark. Will it be enough this year to get them to the post-season? Tough to say. I think there's cause for fans to be excited about this season in any case.

5) Have people finally gotten past the stigma that were a Lemaire trapping , defense only team? Or are we still considered "boring" to people?

It's a label that seems to be hard to shed. I watched Minnesota games during the Lemaire era and sometimes they were slow but I also saw some fantastic games (their rivalry against the Canucks was entertaining during the WCE days). No knock on Havlat, but Heatley is the best offensive star the Wild have had since Gaborik, and potentially ever, so this season could see a more up-tempo "exciting" style.

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