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08-08-2011, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
No it's not. You show your coach that you care, that you want a bigger role, that the only thing you need to get your groove going is mroe icetime and some confidence on the PK (he's not going to be exactly the only guy who plays with more confidence when he gets more icetime) and if his coach reconsiders it.....Lapierre is not moving.

Asking for a trade is to actually ask for it. No matter what happens, I'm out. That's not what Lapierre had in mind. There were some possibilities to keep him in.

Thing is, do you think that it's the only time a player has gone to his coach and ask for more icetime or for a review of his role in the team? We judge Lapierre on that because he publicly said he did. But do we actually know if Price didn't go to his coach one day and ask to play more or to see what they had in mind for him based on how they were using Halak? Does it make Price asking for a trade? Or any other players in here that ended up in a tougher situation but that we don't know about? I think it's pretty common. Probably more common in teams with coaches that actually do communicate. But it has to be common in here too. And I don't believe it means that they ALL asked for a trade.
Sorry WS. Players cannot twist a coach's arm like that.
"Play me more"
"Okay then I want out"
That's bs. Even a veteran would be criticized for doing that. Players ask for more responsibility all the time, but they don't go "I'm better off elsewhere if you don't." And he did play on the PK. 2nd wave IIRC.

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