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10-22-2003, 04:40 PM
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Tom Poti...

this is not the usual tom poti thread, i have to say, after watching 5 games this season, poti defintely has worked hard over the summer and realized he must play a more physical game in the east in order to be somewhat successful as a defensemen

I saw him make at least 2-3 hits in the last game, and he defintely has started using his body more than previously, im not sure if this is just going to be a temporary thing because he still loves to use the poke check, but if he can continue to use his frame to his advantage and just make smarter passes as oppossed to his 2 to 3 turnovers a game i will be much happier with him then i ever imagined

he defintely has not been afraid to make a hit when needed thus far this season and that is really all that i can ask of his defensive play (except on the turnovers), but has anyone else noticed he has been better physically as oppossed to last year?

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