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08-08-2011, 05:28 PM
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If Nationwide intends to help solve the

Originally Posted by Steeltown Jacket View Post
Take it for what you will (since it's a "friend's uncle's mother's sister's cousin twice removed" source), but my friend's cousin works for Nationwide, and he knows someone heavily involved with Nationwide/Jackets and per his source, Nationwide would step in help the franchise financially if a move of the team was imminent.

I know that doesn't help the situation now, but it shows local interest, support, and backing of the team to keep them in Columbus if the worst case scenario happens. At least one can hope?
issue of to much rent, and too little income streams, the sooner the better. If they want to convert the interest in the arena into an interest in the franchise I could see something reasonable being worked out there.

Again, lets not let the ship sail before Nationwide tries to save the day eh?

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