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Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post
Totally disagree. It is absolutely time to move on. I am so tired of how every time I turn on MSG, all I see is Richter, Leetch and Messier documentaries, replays of the 94 playoff games, the Greatest Moments of MSG special has a few from 94 in there. All the Original 6 teams put out team history DVD's, we put out a 94 DVD set. How bout a dvd on the team's history? Despite our championship ineptitude, we DO have a long would be nice to see something on that. I mean, I love what happened back then, but enough with it already. 94 feels like it happened yesterday, that's how often the Garden harps on it.
so your tired of seeing leetch, messier and richter documentaries. even if we didnt win the cup in 94 those 3 have legend status in new york. you were going to see those documentaries anyway. the greatest moments of msg special... what did you think you were going to see? are those not great moments?

the team and fans have all moved on from 1994, but its ok to relive it. especially since its probably the greatest year in the teams history.

we (at least me) dont go around spewing nonsense about the rangers being such a great team because of 94 like some devil fan would about their 3 cups, the last if which was 8 years ago.

its ok to look back on that year and remember how awesome it was.

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