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I take about 6 weeks off twice a year. In the winter I play as much as 3 times in a week, in summer once a week. So Summer months I can still fill with tons of cottage time and vacation time with the family. I also play ball but my wife is on the team and the kids come as we play on Saturdays in the afternoon. But I need my time away from home and the family that is why I keep hockey during the summer. I don't even go full tilt, usually half pace, a couple shifts here and there where we try a little more, but It's pick up and the guys with teenaged sons bring their boys out for a skate too, so just for fun stuff.

Summer = non contact. Winter one contact league, one non contact league

I have suffered many hockey related injuries, broken nose (6 times), lost teeth, broken ankle ( 3 times). None of those kept me off the ice for more than 4 weeks.

But the worst was a broken tibia and fibula that required 2 plates and 18 pins as both bones were broken in 3 places each and two of the breaks were compound fractures (bone broke thru the skin) that took me 4 months to recover to the point were I tried skating and 9 months before I felt 75%. I't been 13 months and I am at 90% of before. Once they remove the hardware, my range of motion will improve and after 4 weeks of rehab, I should be able to regain that last 10%.

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