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08-08-2011, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I wish we had a drunk ****** playing the ******* hero card after winning the Stanley Cup. I don't get why Boston fans would get ******** if this is true, the NHL isn't the be a nice & classy guy awards, you just won the Stanley freakin Cup, celebrate, enjoy it, drink 100k bottles of champagne all summer long, most players never get to hoist the Cup.

Boston is a great sports city and their fans deserve to be happy.
And so do their players.

My God. Guaranteed that if the Habs won the Cup and players would go out drinking, partying and going insane, we'd all love it. Then Plecky turns to Gomez and says, "bout time Mr. $7 million and his Cup experience gets us somewhere." In that moment, Gomez laughs, jokingly flips of Plecky and a picture is taken.

Oh no, a player with his middle fingers up. How classless!

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