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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
he wont make a ton more money playing in the k but hell do pretty well. all that money goes alot farther when you arent paying half in taxes.

he knew he was a long shot at best to make the team and so would have ended up in the ahl. this again shows the bad rap the ahl has back in mother russia. guys just dont want to come to na to play in hartford, syracuse or hershey.

dont be so quick to judge this guy- hes doing what most marginal russians do. stay home.

however, keep an open mind on russian players because next spring, you will all be bombarded with the following names and everyone, and i mean everyone, will be foaming at the mouth over these 3.


these 3 are not marginal. at all. remember those names.
How are you gonna love it when all three are Eastern Conference teams not named the Rangers.

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