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Originally Posted by chip chipperson View Post
so your tired of seeing leetch, messier and richter documentaries. even if we didnt win the cup in 94 those 3 have legend status in new york. you were going to see those documentaries anyway. the greatest moments of msg special... what did you think you were going to see? are those not great moments?

the team and fans have all moved on from 1994, but its ok to relive it. especially since its probably the greatest year in the teams history.

we (at least me) dont go around spewing nonsense about the rangers being such a great team because of 94 like some devil fan would about their 3 cups, the last if which was 8 years ago.

its ok to look back on that year and remember how awesome it was.
Yes, they are. But they shove it down our throat EVERY 5 minutes. I don't have a problem with the the 50 greatest moments involving 94. But it's that plus the documentaries plus the constant replays of the games plus the top 10 series plus the spring of 94 special and that one with the top 3 moments for the Rangers, Devils and Islanders. I mean, how many different specials can you have? How long before the memory is cheapened?

Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
someone who had graduated from High School that year, I LOVE 1994 and have very fond memories of my rangers ripping it up.

Besides 1997, No ranger team has been close to them.

Who cares if you guys are tired of hearing about it. Most of you guys were either too young to remember or werent even BORN when the Rangers won the cup.

For me anytime a documentary comes on about the Rangers in 93-94 or a game from that playoff year or anything related to 94, I get chills AND STILL DO.

So psssssss off if you dont like 1994. I cant even imagine a TRUE ranger fan saying they are tired of 1994.

I am 37, so trust me I was around for it, and I've been a fan for 25 years and am I die hard as it gets. And I still get chills sometimes, but not like I used to because I see EVERY five minutes.

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