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Originally Posted by chip chipperson View Post
what other great moments do you want to see/are there to see? we do see it a lot, but 94 is not forcefed down our throats any more than any other team celebrates their championship. the devils i think last year or the year before had the whole 2000 team at a game, just for the hell of it. did the rangers do anything like that? its something that 20 years from now should still be celebrated, and lets be honest, the rangers organization is not filled with many great moments.
I wanted to post something like this, but this is perfect.

How anybody can let a network "cheapen" their memories I'll never know.

Hell I can't count the number of times I've watched the "Summer of '94" Rangers-Knicks special, I stop every time on it's on, and it will never get old. The Rangers march to the cup, Ewing hitting big shots and hugging fans in the front row while the Knicks went to the Finals, BEST SUMMER EVER.

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