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08-09-2011, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Noir View Post
No, no, no, no, no.

You should never be slowing down for your teammates. If you're that much faster than they are, it should be they who should be keeping up with you, not you dumbing down a facet of your game for them.

Like I mentioned earlier already, hockey is an insanely fast game and windows of opportunity closes in a matter of seconds. Trust me, even in the NHL level, players who over-handle the puck get themselves into more trouble than the chances they think they're creating. In hockey, know your play before you even make it. Don't dilly dally around.

Maybe what the OP means about players who are patient with the puck are players who actually make the correct plays, and make proper passes rather than players who just throw the puck around when playing flustered.

In that case, those players who make crisp, proper plays and passes aren't doing so because they're hanging onto the puck longer until they shake their check; they do it because they possess good composure under pressure.
Actually yes yes yes. Consider the context, we aren't talking the NHL here this is the Rink forum for those of us that play hockey. There will be a few guys here that play at a high enough level for that to matter but for the most of us it's probably low level beer leagues where you take what line mates you get.

I say that because this is the exact problem I always used to have. Just got reminded about when I played a second game for a bottom division team the other week and found myself in that position again. I'm a decent natural skater and started power skating classes before I started hockey, so when I joined my first beer league and being a winger this always happened. I'd get the puck and go flying up the wing along the boards, gain the zone and look over my shoulder to make a play and **** I'm all alone now what do I do. Not having the puck skills to actually get by the defenders I usually ended up just turning the puck over. I started getting the hang of delaying a little until the teammates could catch up, but then I moved and got into a higher division where keeping up was no longer a problem.

So yeah, if you're skating is well ahead of your teammates and you can't make a play, learn how and when to slow it down. I started to forget going to the net and just staying on the outside and skating around it instead, probably the easiest way.

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