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Originally Posted by mindmasher View Post
I don't know what you are talking about. Hockey has virtually ALWAYS been behind the other 3 sports for a long time. It's not rooted in American culture, and to say it has lost it's luster is pretty silly. In what way? The product, the revenue numbers? None of that is backed up by any hard evidence. The game continues to grow, highlighted by the increasing NHL revenues and salary cap. Sure, it lags behind the other three, but it's success is not measured against the other three. It's like saying Coca-Cola will not be successful unless it has higher revenues than Microsoft. It's two completely different products they are selling. Coca-Cola can be successful on its own and not be on top of the revenue pyramid.

The raw sport has plenty of appeal. You have speed, power, skill, and violence wrapped up in a dynamic game - somewhat unlike stop-and-go football or baseball. By all means if you want to praise a sport like baseball, which features numerous throws to first and dozens of balls and routine grounders, go for it. It's certainly not for me.
I don't think it's lost its luster, but that's not what I said. You don't need to quote the revenues and ratings to me. I'm talking in terms of the way the public perceives hockey. If you think hockey's level of prestige with the general public, mainstream media, etc is anywhere close to where it was 10 years ago...well I don't know what to tell you, other than it flat-out isn't.

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