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08-09-2011, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Just wow, what a nose dive for the Ducks if that turns true. Replacing a 30+ goal scorer and given Hall of Famer with a half dead bum won't exactly be an improvement. And one player with knee problems with another. Perhaps both just retire.

And on another note, I knew this would happen (Drury probably retiring after he has sucked out the last dollar he could suck out, because he is unable to play anyway) and I have zero respect left for Captain Flypaper after this. I don't care how much you claim "He has to look after his family and future", he has earned millions of dollars dragging this team down with him to his measly level of performance when he played here and he has earned millions being a Grade A albatross. That should've been enough. Of course he had to squeeze out every last dollar. Like I've said, if Drury was Russian instead of "Captain America", there would be a lynch mob in here now. Enough is enough dammit.

We all know $ather was responsible for the horrible abomination of a contract Dreary got, but is it too much to ask that he should have some kind of self respect to live up to that contract, more than showing up and "working hard"? This isn't kindergarden, there is no reward for dramatically falling and failing. Not everyone get a diploma. You get $7m to carry your team, or at least your own frigging line, or at least your frigging self, not to juggle bananas.

He was nowhere during his career here worth more than maybe half what he got paid and at the end not even 1/7th. It's not the money he robbed Dolan on I care about, not one bit, it's that he hurt the team, even on the cap when he has to be literally kicked out from the club to get the message that he's a sinker and then retires, for money he didn't earn. Some captain huh? But I guess that won't ruin his weekend.

Näslund was here one year and showed more respect for himself and his teammates - and showed more class than the 7 million dollar Blair Betts did during his entire... I even try to repress how many teeth grinding years that hobo has been on the team. And Dreary was supposed to be the captain... I guess that's the difference between a former elite player and a pretender.

The only positive in this Captain Crutch mess is that the bum is finally gone and that this is perhaps the last time (apart from when I have to look at the cap hit) I even have to think about him looking like he's loafing around on the ice, even when he's trying his hardest. Finally! FINALLY! FINALLY!

And I have to say it one last time when I have the chance. Mr Clutch. MR CLUTCH! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, once during a pre-season game against some Russian KHL team no one can even remember the name of. The last time Dreary was clutch, was against us. But, again, that will probably not ruin Drury's weekend.
i read this post before i read who posted it....and i was, that sure reads like a Chimp post...looks like i was right

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