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08-09-2011, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by 13th Floor View Post
I love the irony in these threads. ESPN writers argue that hockey is a niche sport, and frankly the majority of people in the US would agree with that because they don't understand how the game works. That's why you see articles about the uselessness of grinders, fighting, and low scoring.

Then, people on this board call this an outrage because they understand the sport on a deeper level, can articulate the usefulness of the above, and can dive deeper into transition game, position responsibilities, and intangibles. Then, they bash other major spots in US (mainly baseball) because they think a throw to first base is stupid during an at bat. Talk about not looking in the mirror. That play has a ton of use and is not boring in a baseball game. If you can honestly sit there and get mad at people bashing the NHL because they don't understand it, and you have the balls to pretend you understand the intricacies of baseball when you admit you don't watch it, then you are an idiot.
great post, but you have to admit, holding a runner at first isn't exactly the most exciting thing that happens in a baseball game.

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