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Originally Posted by Ubercron9000 View Post
I don't think its delusional to say the guys ceiling is 70 points if he has pp and top 6 minutes. The guy is small but he is gifted. The guy is already better than gomez imo. He has put up great numbers in every league he has played in and already showed that he can put up points in the nhl with limited time. The guy is a beast and we have something special with him.
The same thing has happened in the past with Higgins and Pouliot. Not saying neither can't eventually become 70pt guys either (doubt it) but for one I said 80pt. For two the guy has proven nothing and I won't say it's delusional to think he could become a 70pt guy but I will say it's delusional to say he's better than Gomez right now. For one he played better on the wing than center thus far. For two he never played top opposition, at least not consistently. He's proven nothing. Now will he be better than Gomez or a St. Louis in the future? Anything is possible. He has shown some promise don't get me wrong I like DD. I just find the homer vote goes a little too far with the guy. Let him develop, if he's a 50pt guy it's still awesome. If he's an 80pt guy that would be legit ****. Management would look like geniuses... what are the odds? (In my opinion they look pretty smart already getting Darche. This guy is a legit 3rd line winger in my opinion. So in the sense that both have proven little as of yet but I also have a similar feel about Darche being a 3rd liner, I can at least understand where you're coming from. You see something magical in DD)

But yes for now 70-80pt guy is a bit of a stretch. Not saying it won't happen but a lot of people here who think DD is going to be an 80pt guy think Darche is a #13 still. Guess we'll have to wait until the season begins before we know.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
I don't know what's funny about it, that is his ceiling. He's been able to fight threw his size issues at every level yet cause he knows how to keep himself open for a play and has enough passing skills and vision to set up his own plays.

If our 3rd line does end up being DD- Eller- Kostitsyn, it will be absolute dynamite, it's the type of 3rd line that will make us win the 4-5 games we don't deserve cause our top 6 flat out sucked. It's with guys like him and Eller that we could end up 2nd or 3rd in the conference.
Let the guy play a season or two first before assuming he's a guaranteed 80pt guy. I've seen similar production from Higgins and Pouliot in terms of skill and points per game. Then those guys disappeared. I'm not saying DD will be like them he seems to have it right in between the ears. But you never know. The guy played a season. It isn't like he's some dude who over 3 seasons doubled his production each year. We have a very small sample size.

Originally Posted by Monaco88 View Post

Stafford-Holmstrom-Downie = first liner last year

Raymond-Ennis-Steen-Couture-Comeau-Briere-Leino-Stepan-Glencross= Second liner

Ryder-Peverley(2nd in Atlanta)-Stalberg= 3rd liner
Yeah just cause 3-4 teams in the league have the luxury of having a Briere on the 3rd line doesn't make him not a legit 1st line player. 2nd liner on a stacked team, 3rd liner on a ridiculous team. Boston and Philly had ridiculous top 9s last year, and at deadline ours could look similar. But those guys are all at least 2nd liners LOL. Okay Stralberg isn't agreed on pretty much all but Briere, he can easily play on our stacked 1st line. We aren't quite at the fully overpowered top 9 yet but we're in a position to be able to be.

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