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09-29-2005, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame
Actually there are only a few teams that had 5 or more 20 goal scorers last year. and the sabres ranked 10th in scoring last year so i dont know how you can say they are close to the bottom

vanek replaces satan's 27 goals. Connolly/Gaustad easily replace Kotalik's 14. Buffalo is built on depth. and i wouldnt be surprised if Grier came close to 20 again this year playing with Drury and Hecht. and getting more minutes than he had been in the last few years.

Kotalik is not one of our top 4 goal scorers. thats a myth. based on a meaningless statistical analysis. and the most overrated shot on HF.

Sorry to disappoint. but im no stat man. in fact i think the stats can be used for either side of any argument about sports. like we are doing here.

I don't want to get rid of Kotalik for nothing. I want to get rid of him for a draft pick (preferably a 3rd?). I want to get rid of him to clear room on the roster for younger guys to get their chances. Kotalik brings nothing special to the table. he's average at almost everthing he does on the ice. He has no room for growth. no potential to be anything more than a wishful 20 goal scoring PP specialist.

Sheesh Jame. I can understand what you're trying to say but it seems like you're going out of your way to slander Kotalik and are trying to shoehorn circumstances into helping your case.

First off, I'm not a big fan of Kotalik. I don't think he plays particularly hard, nor as physical as some of his bigger fans attest. However, I think you're completely nuts in saying he has the "most overrated shot on HF." (btw, I doubt Ales spends much time here, if you wanted overrated shots I direct you to exhibit 1: Rowley Birkin....)

IMO, Kotalik has no other offensive skill. He's not a great stickhandler nor passer. Doesn't have many moves. What he does have is one of the best shots I've ever seen. Granted, I've only been following hockey since 1993 but I can only think of a handful of players who shoot as well as him. It's not just velocity but also selection.

You say it's overrated, I say its the ONLY offensive weapon he has and the ONLY reason he's been a 20 goal scorer. I'll concede he seems to be having a bad camp and could very well have his job in jeopardy but good grief, let's stop talking about him like his Denis Tsygurov or something here.

Frankly, your dogged refusal to see really any good in guys like Kotalik and Pominville is very baffling to me.

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