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Mike Grier, RW

- 6'1", 227 lbs
- 14th in Selke Voting (2008)
- Received Selke Votes in four other seasons
- Best seasons by seventies method: 41, 38, 33, 33, 32, 31, 29, 28
- Best ES seasons: 55, 44, 42, 40, 39, 36, 36, 34
- 0.39 adjusted ESP per game over 1060 games
- Killed 39% of penalties for his teams, 9% better than average
- 28 points in 101 playoff games
- 2, 1, 2, 4, 3 on his team in hits in the first 5 years they were recorded
- 14th in the NHL in hits by forwards during this period (1998-2002, Doan, Holik, Roberts and Laperriere were the drafted players ahead)
- 2, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4 on his team in hits since the lockout (no collective stats exist)
- despite this, takes a minor penalty about every six games
- 1.1 giveaways per takeaway (NHL average is about 1.8)

Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1997-98
Grier is a hockey player in a football player's body. He is an aggressive forechecker and bores in on the unfortunate puck carrier with all of the intensity of a lineman blitzing a quarterback. But Grier doesn't waste his energy. He's intelligent about when to come in full-tilt or when to back off a bit and pick off a hasty pass. He frightens a lot of people into mistakes, and the savvier he gets at reading their reactions the better he'll be.

The knock on Grier has always been his skating, but it is getting much better. He has a slow first couple of strides, but then gets into gear and is strong and balanced with his agility. He will score his goals like Adam Deadmarsh does, by driving to the net after loose pucks.

Grier lost about 15 pounds at the start of last season and he was a better player for it. He can't be too bulky, or he won't be agile enough for his pursuit. He isn't a fighter. It takes a lot to provoke him. He's just an honest, tough, physical winger. He played the Oilers last two playoff games on a badly sprained ankle.

Greer has dealt admirably with racism in his sport, and accepts the responsibility of being a role model for younger athletes. He made an amazing jump from college to the pros last season to become a valued member of an improving Oilers team. His attitude and work ethic are unassailable.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 1997-98
Grier has tremendous size and strength and is not afraid to work hard. Realizes what his defensive responsibilities are and does that part of the job diligently… A power forward… Needs to get more confidence, although that will come with more ice time… He will continue to be a banger will be expected to contribute more offensively.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 1999-2000
Grier has quickly established himself as one of the premier cornerman in the league. With a combination of power and speed, Grier showed durability and consistency in his game for the first time. The big man plays like a running back on skates. Dominating his side of the ice, Grier is a solid defensive player and is rounding out his offensive game. An emerging force, Grier may still develop into a scoring power forward.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1999-2000
Grier definitely believes that the most direct route to the net is the best path to choose. He won't hesitate to bull his way through two defenseman to get there… Since he always keeps his legs pumping, he draws a good share of penalties… He is the unsung hero of the Oilers… 20 goals seems to be his top end, but added to his other qualities, it's plenty.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 1999-2000
notched just 10 goals in the first 69 games last year before elevating his play after the trade deadline with seven in the last 10 games. Big strong power forward can shoot, has excellent speed and adds an intimidating physical presence.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2000-2001
a sound penalty killer and a shorthanded scoring threat… Has shown good progress since his surgery and would have been able to play in the later rounds of the playoffs if Edmonton had gone that far…
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2000-2001
Grier looks like a runaway bulldozer when he's heading for the net. a winger in a football player's body, Grier is far from being a natural goal scorer with most of his goals coming on loose pucks and scrappy put ins... Grier usually forms a gritty unit with Ethan Moreau and Todd Marchant, one of the NHL's best defensive trios. They also seem to become more offensively potent when facing the opposition's best line. Greer has great strength and is almost impossible to knock down. He would be quite a goalscorer if he had better hands. Nonetheless, he still has what it takes to net 20.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 2000-2001
failed to duplicate his career 20 goal effort from the previous season but did establish himself as a key member of the Oilers tenacious hound line before undergoing season-ending elbow surgery… Powerful winger with intimidating size and strength, he has impressive straightaway speed and can alter a game's momentum with his punishing hits… Club missed his muscle against Dallas in the playoffs.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2001-2002
isn't a natural goal scorer, but his effort pays off around the net.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2001-2002
the burly right winger played a good chunk of last season with a dislocated shoulder. In fact, Grier had to pop it back in on several occasions during the course of the year. Ouch! Amazingly, he only missed 8 contests in total. Aside from his obviously high pain threshold, Grier is also an excellent checker and penalty killing forward. Last season, he finished tied for sixth in the league with six shorthanded points, including three goals.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2002-2003
Grier is hard to figure. It seems that he plays well every other year… His size and strength along the boards is unparalleled, as his attention to detail in the defensive zone. He and center Todd Marchant form one of the most effective penalty killing combinations in the NHL. Offensively, he lacks the hands of a consistent scorer.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 2002-2003
imposing… Rugged, north-south winger is very effective on the penalty kill and can create space when he fully utilizes his great size and strength, although ongoing shoulder problems have limited shooting range and steadily eroded his physical game.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2002-2003
Grier is tough but he isn't a fighter.… The unsung hero of the Oilers… Best to consider him a defensive forward and expect 10 to 12 goals instead of 20.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2003-2004
the capitals got exactly what they bargained for when they acquired Grier from Edmonton last year – two way power forward that can fill a variety of roles on the club. The big man struggled within the System at first, which helps explain his unusually shaky -14. Grier provides grit in front of the net along with decent offensive instincts and leadership qualities… Now that he is settled in with the caps, he will become more of a factor. He should see lots of time on the penalty killing unit and return to the 20 goal plateau is well within reach.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2003-2004
an unsung hero who will do just about anything the coaches ask… A defensive forward who can handle some second unit power-play time.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 2005-06
made a strong first impression in Buffalo with his leadership and sound two-way game… Not overly skilled but a popular, strong skating player who create space in scoring chances with his excellent speed, determination and hard-hitting physical style
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2006-2007
Grier is a very good defensive forward turned up his all-around game substantially in the playoffs. His offensive attitude suggests it's easier to go through a defender then around him. Very strong, Grier is a veritable force along the boards as well as an awesome penalty killer.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 2006-2007
Grier has always been thick, both in body type and style of play. He can contribute offensively but is at his best in a shutdown or penalty killing role. He's a dependable and versatile forward.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 2007-2008
a mountain of a man, Grier is as good a third line role player as there is in the NHL. A great penalty killer and shutdown winger, he will also drop the gloves and chip in offensively. He's important to team success.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook 2009-2010
for 10 consecutive years, Grier's production has fallen in the 22 to 36 point range. Now 35, he will continue to add hustle and defensive savvy to the penalty kill.

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