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08-10-2011, 04:19 AM
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I want to tell what happens here in Milan, since i went to a LHS months ago, and i asked them some skate prices, for Bauer and Reebok skates.

Well other than not telling me prices for Bauer skates (and you should do since i can be a potential customer and they have them at the catalog), they told me the price of a 6K skate from Reebok, and I was shocked since they cost 185$ according to IW. They sell them at 299€, and the difference can't be only related to import. It's just trying to live selling little amount of skates at an high price, instead of trying to make everyone buy from your shop instead of purchasing skates on the web..

I've bought my first pair of skates via a friend in the US, luckily they fitted nice even if a bit big (and they didn't cost a lot, One20) and right now i know what fits me better, but i really can't think to spend almost 150€ extra on the skate purchase without a real purpose, plus i should probably spend a lot on first sharpening and baking (since first sharpen cost 15€, other sharpenings 10€) so the same skate will cost 200€ more or less..

I would like to try everything on but money is a "problem" at my age and i can't really effort to waste it.

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