Thread: Prospect Info: Is our prospect pool okay or weak?
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08-10-2011, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
It's definitely below average, but that's because we have a lot of good graduates. If you include Price, Subban, MaxPac, Eller, Weber, White and DD as "prospects", suddenly things are very different.

The goaltending depth is nonexistent, which is logical as many of us see Price as a franchise player for years to come, though it's something that needs to be addressed eventually because there's always the slight risk of a Dipietro-like situation.

When it comes to defense we are in very good shape. Beaulieu has top pairing upside and Tinordi, while unlikely to be an elite player, already has that mix of size, toughness and speed that ensures he will have some role in the NHL, add in a 22 year old potential franchise player in Subban, and some NHL ready prospects like Weber, Emelin and Diaz with top 4 upside and it's hard to not feel confident in the future here.

Forward prospects are below average...we have a lot of good role players in the system but those with top 6 potential are longshots to reach it. Having Leblanc as our best forward prospect isn't that thrilling.

That being said considering we haven't had a high draft pick in a while, the Habs are in pretty good shape, this team is looking to win sooner rather than later.
I agree. I see Leblanc as a 3rd liner, a solid one but I don't see him making the top 6 (if he makes the NHL)

Kristo I see kind of as being a future Versteeg type played. 3rd liner who can play on the 2nd line. Depending on injuries he'll get top 6 time but will likely be a great 3rd liner (if he makes the NHL)

Honestly I think Kristo is going to make it though, same for Louis. I just don't think they'll be the top 6 forwards people are hoping for.

Still if they can be 15-25-40 type players or better that would be fine. What I believe our management is trying to build is a 1st line filled with 25-30 capable guys, 2nd line filled with 20-25 capable guys (Gomer impossible mind you but Gio will surely get closer to 30) and a 3rd line of 15-20 goal guys. If Kristo and Leblanc become those guys I won't complain. In reality that's a ton of production all by committee. I like it.

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