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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
No, as neo pointed out, Marty makes those who play with him better, Stamkos is a prime example but Stamkos >>> Cammy. MSL would have a hard time getting 80 points in Montreal with Cole & Cammy. Cammy's points have taken a significant hit since joining Montreal, so has Gios A Gomez. There is a reason for that.

Which is why DD will never hit 80 points playinf for Montreal. NEVER!
Exactly. It isn't even about DD's potential anymore. It's about the type of team and system. He won't ever get 80 points here. Only player who can imo is Plekanec and if they're lucky whoever plays with him, if lucky enough to have a full healthy lineup.

Plekanec due to minutes per game, PP time, being great two-ways.

DD would have less minutes per game, less PP time, isn't as great two-ways. (Not a knock on DD, Plek is amazing imo)

Plekanec is really only a #1B but he's one of the most underrated players in the NHL. No way unless DD amps up his development big time for 2-3 years will he be better. Plus he lacks size which can't help.

And to those of you saying MSL didn't look as good as DD in his first seasons shame on you. And like Macavoy says you can't compare a player making Stamkos, Lecavalier, Brad Richards, etc better... and DD making... Plekanec, Cammy, etc better. There simply is no comparison. Cammy is the only one who has enough high end offensive talent to even remotely be compared to those guys and he isn't a consistent 80pt guy for us. Notice he went from being an 80pt guy to an often injured and/or NOT-80pt guy for us.

With a healthy season under his belt who knows what he could accomplish but the point is it remains to be seen.

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