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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
This is just Leafs bashing without merit. Ron Wilson is one of a few coaches who has 600 wins. While he is a lousy fit for a young Toronto team, the coaching ranks are a pretty close group and RW will get another chance again. Look at how many times other good coaches have been recycled past their prime, Mike Keenan for example.
I disagree. 40% of the players voted him the worst coach in the NHL. That has more to do with how he is as a coach than the team he's playing for.

To me that is plenty of merit. I don't even hate the leafs but it's true the guy is washed up and even a lot of his previous players on other teams hated him as a coach. To be a good coach players don't have to like you as a person but they have to believe in your coaching. I feel it's pretty evident that isn't the case or he wouldn't have been voted by a landslide. He has a tremendous amount of trouble getting players to "buy in" as they say.


Sorry it was only 24% but still that's pretty ridiculous no less. I guess when you have to vote for somebody... but why would they choose the guy with 600+ wins? Plus they interviewed some players around the time that it happened, not Leafs players of course. And a lot of them didn't have many good things to say. Brad May even said the team was thrilled when he left.... pretty sure they didn't like him, but also pretty sure a lot of it had to do with hockey not just personality differences. I'm not saying he didn't earn those 600+ wins, to be honest I'm too lazy to go dig up the teams he had etc. But having 600+ wins only means people were willing to employ you. It doesn't mean the teams you coached bought into your system and/or liked you as a coach. Maybe he had really good teams. Teams get wins in spite of bad coaching about as often as teams get losses in spite of good coaching. At the end of the day the product on the ice will definitely help even the worst coaches get wins.

Plus it wasn't really senseless leaf bashing. The leafs would be better off with a new coach even you agree he isn't a good fit there. What it really boils down to is me saying he won't get another chance and you saying he will. It's really all just opinion but if I had to bet even if he does get another chance the success will be heavily dependent on the team he gets not his coaching skills. A coach like Lindy Ruff can even make a fairly low end team look good. JM has done the same considering our injuries the past couple seasons.

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