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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I don't think the Leafs would be greatly better with another coach, RW isn't ruining their development. I don't think another coach would have been worth firing and paying RW $800 000 or whatever he makes. They were always going to be on the outside looking in, so no point in bringing in a young unknown coach at that point.

If I was Burke, from a hockey & GM standpoint, I would have probably kept him as well because the other options were not that much better for a losing squad. But I almost guarantee he doesn't get extended unless he makes the playoffs this year.

Leafs only improving to 9thish place is Burke's fault but it will be the perfect time to use RW as the scapegoat and make your first coaching change.
Fair enough but I do think they'd improve slightly with a better coach, one whose maybe a better fit.

If it's the difference between a few players playing mediocre or good it could be all the difference needed. In Burke's defense though I just don't think anyone wants to sign there. You don't give up two lottery picks for Kessel because UFA's are lining up around the block.

At the end of the day his coaching staff has to do the best with what he can assemble. I agree that they'll be 9thish place and that a part of the problem is him but in his defense he seems handcuffed. Nobody wants to play there (or so it seems) and he's actually gone above and beyond to trade for guys who potentially do (RFA, signed, etc)

In that respect I think he's doing alright. He needs to ice something somewhat competitive. I just don't think Wilson is a fit in TO. Plus lets face it I don't care who was behind the bench, I highly doubt the USA team players were going to not show up in the Olympics just because they don't like the coach. These guys are such high end athletes that it's definitely an area where you'll see guys stepping up to the max even if they absolutely despise the coach. Who wants to give up their olympic dreams cause they don't like a coach? In the NHL you can get traded or the coach gets fired eventually.

EDIT: wow did we ever go OT...

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