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08-10-2011, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsolument90 View Post
Guys keep saying they'll be buzzing around and distraction. Not really. The cameras are in place and these guys are pro. They've been in front of cameras all the time. Matter of fact, I think this would keep the negative media limited because they'll be focused on the documentary instead of drumming up stupid rumours.

If you still think it's a distraction, just go watch Oil Change. It's not really intrusive. You have to understand that if someone doesn't want something on tape/is uncomfortable, they'll edit it out. Simple.

EDIT: Yup. Training camp and Hamilton would be a good idea too. Maybe it could be more about that than during the season, if people insist it would be a distraction.

Exactly. If anything it would drum up a more positive atmosphere for the sake of an entertaining family-friendly documentary. People who say the cameras & questions would be too much of a distraction: Hello...? Have you SEEN post-game interviews? Post-practice interviews? Pre-brunch and post-lunch, during-a-dump and while-you-sleep interviews? One extra broadcasting crew for a few weeks would make about Zero impact on what you are arguing is the number one reason not to do it. It would be historical and amazing. Get on board!

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