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10-22-2003, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Kritty
Why do people never give any credit whatsoever to the Avs goalies. Aebischer has been very solid so far this season and will be fine playing behind that team. Sauve had a tough start in Edmonton but I saw this kid play alot the last few years, he is that good. He'll be just fine in Colorado. Not much a goalie can do when half the line is caught up the ice each time. Those forwards have to learn some defensive responsibility. Everything doesn't fall on the goalie.
Let me ask you Kritty, what team do you like.
I myself, I like the Wings. I've learned that unless you are head and shoulders above every other team in the league, elite goaltending is the key to playoff success.
This Colorado team is built for now (as the recent trades obviously show). They may never ever have the opportunity to have such a glorious looking lineup. In fact, with a new CBA on the horizon, perhaps no team will ever again have a top six that can match Colorado.
They could be great goalies one day. They could be very impressive this year, even.
But if you're Pierre Lacroix, are you going to gamble this once in a lifetime opportunity on a backup goalie and AHLer?

No freaking chance.
It would not be fair to the players. it would not be fair to the owners. it would not be fair to the fans. It would not even be fair to Sauve and Aebischer.

The Avs will go out and get an experienced goalie. It will be done.

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