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10-22-2003, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
3 for 5 this year, but he has yet to be completely invisible yet, which is pretty good.
Good point......he's still visible, even though i go with a (-) last night against the Blues.

I like how his lines always cycle well.....but hate how they throw it in front blindly after all that work, and lose the puck. They alluded to that last night on Sportsnet and I strongly agree. All that work.....the clock ticks away.......and a blind weak passes flutters out to an opponent in front. They harped about it last night when it happened with 5 minutes left saying there's lots of time. Very true, no need for a blind pass like that unless the last few ticks are left on the clock.

I really got riled last season when BG would have one guy hanging off his back, he would be pushing someone else away one arm and controlling the puck with the other arm. Then when he finally gets near the net.........he flutters a shot on goal with his free hand while off balance and the snow on the ice practically stops the puck before it gently comes to rest on the goalies paddle.

Then I would jump out of my chair and yell "Do you actually think that would go in?" Perhaps if the goalie had a stroke in that span.

I would rather he just run over the goalie instead of letting the goalie freeze it for a face off. Bertuzzi makes a living doing it. If he doesn't least he pisses off the other goalie/team.

Had to get that off my chest.

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