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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I have no problem with that.

Conversely, my LHS gave me several hours of fitting and advice for free. I was so impressed that when I got my tax return the next week I returned to purchase them. They appreciated that and gave me a nice deal on a trade-in, as well as free baking/sharpening/punching/stretching and LIFETIME free sharpenings. More shops should do that. They also gave me half off a profiling a few weeks later and repaired two eyelets that fell out for free (they were out of warranty).

Never shopping anywhere else again!
If they did that at the LHS i know, i would never buy anything out of their shop, but since every sharpening and every thing is supposed to be paid, i'll buy only small things from there and get skates sharpened also.
I'm sad to do that because i always bought everything in shop for basketball and ski, but the markups plus the bad service make me do that..

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