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09-30-2005, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by acr
I had a job interview with the local AHL team the other day, and I'm going to have to go 'audition' for them at a rink up there on Friday to show them I can skate.

Today I went to the local rinks and rented a pair which were a size up from my shoes, but they were still crushing my feet(not to mention that since I had to wear them loose, I didn't have much ankle stability and almost lost an edge a couple times on stops).

My feet are terrible. They're extremely wide and extremely flat. I have orthodic inserts, which I did put into the skates today and helped a little, but if I get this job I'm going to have to get a pair of wider skates, because my feet couldn't take the pain of being crushed like that 40 times a year.

Which brands can I order wider skates from, and what are their websites? For the record my shoe size is 11.5 6E(US). How much would a pair like that run me compared to the average one?
Pretty much every popular skate available on the market is available in a wider E width. Most LHS' don't keep E width skates in stock, but you can get them online easily or your LHS can order them for you.

Regular skates come in a D width, you need an E width.

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