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10-22-2003, 07:26 PM
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Forgive the crosspost (from another thread), but wanted to get thoughts on this...

First post...but here goes:
I've been wondering since the end of last season what (if anything) has been behind some of the recent deals made by PL. I think there's an argument to be made that PL is intentionally overpaying in a couple of very specific instances with an eye toward future deals. I'll try to explain what I mean...
Buffalo - The Reinprecht for Ballard deal seemed odd to me, not least because while Ballard may be an impressive prospect, he has yet to play a minute in the NHL. We know that Rhino was an able 2nd-liner, a very good 3rd at minimum - and again, he went for a prospect on par with Johansson (if you look at Ballard and Jonas as 1st-rounders).
Washington - Compare this with Konowalchuk, who is comparable skill-wise to Rhino (although different emphases, one defense, one offense) but for whom PL gave up a 1st-rounder in Johansson, and what I still think is a more than decent 3rd liner in Battaglia. The 3rd round pick sort of makes things better - but not really.
Florida - Now look at the deal with Florida. Worrell and a 2nd for Messier and Nedorost. Folks here have gone a long way to try to justify this with Nedorost's subsequent shoulder injury, but I still say the Avs overpaid here as well. Neds was to be the Avs future, and while he didn't set the world on fire while on the big squad, he was by all reports VERY impressive in Hershey and in truth probably spent too much time in Denver and not enough in Hershey. Messier was a heart and soul guy who never failed to do all of the things he was able to do - not to be counted on for points, but nails on the PK and would jump in front of anything heading toward the net. Avs have gotten a (currently) dinged-up 4th-line enforcer and a 2nd for this.
Which team is next?
Tampa Bay...?
Why do I say this...because I think PL is biding his time with Aebischer (who does look very good thus far, by the way) and overpaying in these deals with signature goalies (ok, maybe Buffalo's a stretch in this regard) with an eye toward a deal later in the season that will look to all the world like he massively underpaid. I think he's paving the way now for a future deal that will make the current stuff make sense...I hope?

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