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10-22-2003, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by DarioinDenver
Moving Bates is a good thing. During training camp I told Lappy right away how I noticed his isolation. He didn't laugh, he didn't talk to the other guys, he walked to the equipment room alone when others would walk over with other players. He never talked to other guys on his line when on the bench, the guy is a recluse and likely a bad apple chemestry wise. Getting a player that wears the C is a massive upgrade in that respect.

Losing Johansson is absolutely a horrible decision. Size, talent, and a fierce competitor. He's no were near 3rd pick talent, it makes absolutely no sense. Taking a weak spot in the prospect pool and making it weaker is simply mind boggling. There's no on in the pipe outside of Svatos that you can reliably consider a top six forward at this point. We hope of course that several of them do develope into that categorie but as of now they aren't. Johansson has had a bad couple of weeks for the Blazers but I can't imagine that's the reason for huge drop in value. He does have a bit of an arrogent heir about him and seemed isolated from the other rookies so maybe chemestry had something to do with it. But for Christs sake, even if he's cut from the Yashin cloth, let him show his talent and get value for value.

This deal smells rotten. I understood the reasoning behind the Vrbata deal, I understand the philosophy behind the Rhino deal but a 3rd pick for Johansson makes no sense what so ever.
Exactly. Right now we can only call the deal on what we see, and PL obviously overpaid on this one. Maybe this works out in the future , but all indications are that this draft is not a good draft year. Also, Konowalchuk could be gone after this season. All of this for a 1 year rental??? Its mind boggling. PL always gives up to much for these 1 year deals, and it has always frustrated me. Hopefully Kon. will help this team and resign for several years, otherwise this trade was a major bust.......

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