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08-10-2011, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
MLB the Show is far and away better than EA's NHL series. I havent played it but I hear the 2k basketball game is also very good, but you couldnt pay me to play basketball. So we're competing against Madden which has a monopoly and uh... well EA now has a monopoly with the NHL as well, also FIFA is better than the NHL series as well.
The Show is amazing. Thats the greatest sports game ever made. As far as the 2kbasketball, it's a good game, but you'll see the basketball fans that buy it every year saying the same things you see NHL fans buying NHL games every year... it's just a roster update.

BTW, I've bought the show every year since 06 and quite honestly, not much has changed in that time.

Also, I really dont see how the FIFA franchise is better. What exactly makes them better. They add about just as much annually as NHL does. I love FIFA and their franchise; they make great games, but I'd hardly call it better.

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