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08-10-2011, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by maetix View Post
SportChek are having sick deals right now. If you buy 2 sticks you get 25% off the cheaper one. I picked up a One95 for $140 and a One55 for $30. Can't get much better than that.
Or I guess you could get two one95s for $140 and $105 respectively? If they have the right flex and curve for you that's a PHENOMENAL deal! Loved my one95 (until it broke), I have 3 perfectly good sticks right now but am still tempted.

Also, if they're the right fit for your feet, X40s are great skates for $250. For Canada especially, getting two one95 sticks and a pair of X40 skates for $495 total is pretty awesome.

A couple weeks ago I picked up an X50 stick (in my preferred flex and curve) from the Hockey Shop (in Surrey, BC) for $99, which was a pretty sweet deal, great stick so far. They've still got plenty left:

They've also got tonnes of sizes of EQ888 skates, which I believe are a SMU that lie somewhere between the EQ50 and EQ40 skates, for $299. If you were considering getting the EQ50 skates, they'd certainly be worth a look:

Description of the skates here, they're basically a top of the line skate (pretty damn close to the EQ50s), but at a midrange price. They're more or less EQ40s (already not too far off from EQ50s), but with the tongue and outsole of the EQ50, and they're nicer looking than the EQ40s IMO. Considering icewarehouse are selling EQ40s for $349, getting a higher end skate for $299 in Canada is a pretty nice deal:

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