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Originally Posted by M0NTY26 View Post
The Show is amazing. Thats the greatest sports game ever made. As far as the 2kbasketball, it's a good game, but you'll see the basketball fans that buy it every year saying the same things you see NHL fans buying NHL games every year... it's just a roster update.

BTW, I've bought the show every year since 06 and quite honestly, not much has changed in that time.

Also, I really dont see how the FIFA franchise is better. What exactly makes them better. They add about just as much annually as NHL does. I love FIFA and their franchise; they make great games, but I'd hardly call it better.
Not much has changed with the show each year but that is because they have a product that doesnt need as much done to it. They also have a great user community with rosters uploaded that you can download and try, to me those make the game amazing when you get Knights OSFM roster.

FIFA whenever I have played it has been an enjoyable game, and I really enjoyed the manager mode on it which to me blew away the franchise mode on NHL.

Out of all the sports games my least enjoyable experience is from playing the NHL series, I even like Madden better. The main reason why is that for the most part I go to franchise modes and I sim more than I play and thats where the NHL series is just bad. When theres bad scouting, bad draft, and bad player growth and trading engines then it makes for a bad experience for the type of game I play. They could keep their gameplay the way it is for all care but if they even half assed attemped to put some of the complexities and detail into the franchise side that EHM has then I'd probably be all over it and purchase it 1st day it comes out like I used to.

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